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Respond and resolve each query of your customer with ease and win their heart with this wonderful it help desk software.

Drag and drop Attachments

Tickets fully support attachments, but Desky makes handling attachments even easier. You can simply drag and drop attachments from your file system into Desky. You can get a full list of attachments in a ticket in one place. Desky also supports in-line images, if someone sends you an email with the attachment in the body of the email, this is how the image will be displayed in the Agent Interface.

  • Table View/ CSV Export

    Agents can view a list of tickets in a large window. This is useful if they need to see a long list of properties for tickets. These tickets can also be exported to a CSV for further processing.

  • Agents Create Ticket

    Agents can rapidly create tickets for users from the agent interface. This is typically used when a ticket needs to be created as a result of a phone call or some other off-helpdesk interaction.

  • CC'ed Users

    Desky includes in depth management of CC’ed users. If a user CCs other people to a ticket, Desky retains this information and sends notifications and agent replies to all users. CC’ed users can reply to the ticket, with that reply also going to everyone specified.

  • Fast Grouping

    The first column in Desky enables agents to rapidly see tickets that require their attention. These tickets can be easily grouped by a ticket property (Department, Agent, Language etc.) enabling agents to quickly find the tickets that require their attention.

Ticket Tasks

You can create tasks linked to tickets that can be assigned to yourself or to another agent. You can view all tasks linked to a ticket from the ticket page, or alternatively view all your tasks from the task interface.

Desky converts your email into tickets; tracking email replies and inserting them into a single ticket – this workflow makes resolving issues much easier to manage.

You can use triggers to set the properties of the tickets created by email, for example setting different departments for emails sent to and

The Department field (e.g. Support/Sales/Billing) is used to organize your helpdesk. Customers often use this field to control which agents can view which tickets, what email notifications to send to users, what questions to ask when a user is creating a ticket and how escalations should work – but you have lots of other options as well.

Small helpdesks may only have 1 department, and that is fine as well.

Ticket Escalations can be created using the Ticket Trigger system. Instead of a trigger running when a ticket is created or modified, this trigger runs based on a time criteria – for example, if it has been an hour since a ticket was created. You can use these time based rules to build ticket escalations as well as a number of other workflows

Every action or property change linked to a ticket is logged with the action, date and person that made that change all saved; this allows an agent to rapidly review a ticket’s history and determine how a ticket property was set.

The Desky agent interface includes a quick search bar to rapidly find a ticket of interest. Enter a ticket id, reference, phrase or name / email of the user and you will presented with a list of matching tickets.

  • Multi Channel Helpdesk

    Streamline your school help desk application. Phone calls, emails, Facebook posts and Tweets, get it all under one roof!

  • Deliver WOWs with SLAs

    Set customer expectations on track, with Service Level targets. Exceed them, winning customer smiles With retail eCommerce customer support!

  • Knowledge Base

    Help users help themselves to your knowledge, FAQs and best practices even before they submit tickets.

Text Snippets

The reality of a lot of helpdesks is that the same question can be asked regularly. Although a knowledgebase with lots of content can help prevent this; the next line of defence is the Text Snippets system. Text snippets can be full replies or simply small pieces of text you can include as part of an individually crafted response.

Advanced features of this feature include the use of replacement variables, e.g. Dear {{ }} and the ability to restrict which agents can see which snippets.

Get Smart with Best-in-line Ticketing Abilities

Stop fighting fire with your email-based supporting. A lot of customer communication dies hungry and lonely in a support representative's mailbox than in most other places in total. Email is a great way to pass along information but when your support threads begin to grow, a completely email-based Best Help Desk Software gives you zero visibility as to who else is working on the same ticket, which ones you need to answer first, or what you should now be doing about it – things that basically a sufficiently-performing smart ticketing system can help you with right from the bat. With Desky's best-in-class ticket management abilities, you get to monitor which of your conversations need your immediate inputs, and which ones do not. And since every support communication is now recorded right within the customer's ticket, you can know who else from your support team has been working on the ticket or what it is they said.

Customizable Views

Tickets in Desky can have essentially an unlimited number of properties. With Desky you control which properties are showing in ticket lists. Perhaps the most important thing to your agents is how long the ticket has been open, perhaps it is a crucial custom field, or the usergroup of the ticket owner; simply set the properties that matter the most to you.

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Ticket Form

Tickets can be created by email, but they can also be created by a user filling out a web form. This form might be embedded into your own helpdesk (using a single line of javascript) or you may use the Desky User Interface. You have a lot of control over your forms; Desky includes a form builder where you can specify the fields, validation requirements for those fields as well as specify the look and style of the form.

Specialists Teams -  Customer Support Software

Tickets can be assigned to both an agent and also an agent team. Assigning a ticket to an agent team gives that team responsibility for resolving a ticket, while still making it possible for a principle agent from within that team to me the ticket leader.

Check, resolve then move on

Desky gives you the ability to track the progress of a ticket, right from the moment it was opened, until resolution phase and closure. You even place issues into categories and make sure they're filed in the right folders. When a staff's hands are full, he/she can also assign the ticket to your other reps and let them please your customers too.

Automated housekeeping

When you are providing support software, there is just one thing you're really aiming for – giving them a positive experience they will never forget. Yet when you have to busy yourself sending routine notifications and the same repetitive replies over and over, everything can get quite monotonous and excruciatingly boring. Desky allows you to automate everything in your support which you don't particularly love doing so you can focus on other things.

Get insights from your mailbox

When was the last time you remember getting any useful knowledge from your email? – More or less never. With Desky Ticket Tracking Software, you get to discover insightful reports and identify where your biggest support blockages creep in, who your best staffs are, and what types of issues you're constantly getting – all the statistics, graphs, numbers, and insights you need to define and customer support you must align with your business. And with Desky Arcade's integrated game mechanics, you can even get to ascertain that your whole support team is having fun while they're working.


Ticket labels allow agents to self categorise tickets into named groups. Labels are a simple categorisation tool that can be used for a range of purposes be it finding grouped tickets or, by integrating with the trigger system, they can be used to make changes to a ticket’s properties. Desky’s quick search bar allows for rapid searching of tickets with a particular label.

Google Apps Integration

Desky has been designed to work out the box with google apps integration. Simply enter the account details for the google apps account you will be using for email and Desky will process emails sent to that address as tickets.

Print & PDF

Desky it help desk software includes a printable view of a ticket making the resulting printed output cleaner and easier to understand. You can also save a ticket as a PDF to distribute as you see fit.

Specialists Email Reply

Your agents can reply to email notifications they receive, those replies will be added to the ticket and sent to the user. This is particularly useful for sending replies to tickets from mobile clients – any phone/tablet that supports email can process tickets.

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