Reveal the power of self service

Give your customers the freedom get some extra knowledge from your FAQ sections and Knowledge base, to engage themselves in community forums, and to track their ticket status with this awesome customer service software.

  • Social Customer Support

    Get proactive and start supporting customers over social media channels like Facebook and Twitter.

  • Email Notifications

    Keep up with tickets, alerts, replies and everything that matters, with smart email notifications

  • Agent Collision Detection

    Make sure the entire team knows who is working on a ticket and stop agents from getting in each others way

Most customers would rather figure out the solutions to their problems before contacting support in the first place and declared it is Non-Profit Organizations, and your support reps may not be available round the clock to take calls. With Desky customer service software, you can organize an online support portal wherein users can come and go and find useful information. Post answers to the most frequently asked questions, provide a community for customers to discuss your products/services, and let them check the status of their inquiries. This way, even when your support staffs are away, your customers can find answers for themselves whenever needed.

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Related Content

Desky allows you to quickly link content together, for example linking related knowledgebase articles together, or link a knowledgebase article to a download.

Draft Content

Knowledgebase content can be saved as draft prior to publication. Agents can work on article over multiple sessions, waiting until article is complete before content is published.

Maintain a K-base hosting

Desky Customer Service software lets you provide solutions to customers by setting up your own knowledge base. This is available 24/7 and helps your support system aggregate all answers in a single place. Isn't it a great idea to let customers explore your K-base and find support themselves? Your support agents will also love the extra 5 minutes this will add to their break!

Desky is available with built-in community forums to help you promote interaction among your customers. Simply set up a platform for making announcements, accepting feature requests, or anything that involves inputs from customers. Let your end-users share their thoughts and discover how they can help you improve.

Stop hassling customers

Having a self-support portal means having your customers only one step away from getting their answers. Why the need to put an annoying obstacle in their way by requiring them to register and remembering one more login credential? Now, you can let your customers log in to your self-support portal using their Facebook, Twitter, or Google accounts. If you have a unique login for your website, you can also have them sign in to your helpdesk software for government organization with the same credentials.

Knowledgebase Categorisation

Knowledgebase articles are grouped into categories, and an article can be listed in multiple categories. Desky supports unlimited depth of knowledgebase categories, particularly useful for large databases. It is also possible to define the order the categories are displayed in.


The downloads system is designed for companies with a number of files they want to make available to their users. Like knowledgebase articles, files can be categorized and your users can comment (if you enable comments) on the published files.


The glossary allows your agents to define terms your users may not understand in one place; all your self service content will then have the first occurrence of this content linked to the glossary definition.

  • Professional Active Search

    A feature you can enable automatically searches the customer support softwarefor matching content when a user submits a ticket. With relevant content in your knowledgebase, this can drastically reduce the number of tickets your helpdesk receives, saving your agents time.

  • Revision History

    Every time a change is made to a Best Help Desk Software knowledge base article, the old content is saved. You can easily view changes made to content, and if you make a mistake ‘roll back’ to the previous revision of the content.

  • Website improvement (SEO)

    Desky user interface has been designed to maximise SEO benefits to your site. Unique, high quality content can result in significant increase in visitors to your site and Desky maximises these benefits by using search engine friendly URLs, generating sitemap files and structuring content correctly.

  • Content Validation

    You can use permissions to require agent content authors to submit their content for validation to agents with relevant permissions prior to publication. This ensures that content published to your support software meets your strict content quality guidelines but allows more junior agents to write content prior to proof reading.

  • WYSIWYG Editor

    Desky customer service software includes a full WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) visual editor to make crafting knowledgebase articles simple for everyone. Your agents will never need to write HTML or learn any markdown language.

  • Comments

    You can enable user comments on your knowledgebase, news and files. You can require comments to be validated before publishing or auto-publish user comments. Comments to your content help improve the content and increase the value of the database of content your team has built.

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Desky’s news feature allows your agents to publish chronologically ordered news content. Like knowledgebase articles, news content can be categorized and your users can comment (if you enable comments) on the published items. You can specify for content to be removed automatically after a specific period of time.