Multiple ways to support customers

Help your customer on the go. Anytime Anywhere! - Support Software

  • Automations

    Check out smartest automations. Categorize, prioritize, and assign tickets handsfree so you just have to focus on making customers happy.

  • Integrated Time Tracking

    Track the time you spend supporting and their Travel activities each and every client, generate time sheets on the fly and invoice clients based on time spent.

  • Self Service Portal

    Reduce support load by helping customers help themselves to FAQs and discussions on your customer service software.

Customers have move ahead, across different channels

It's time to offer real customer support in iT Services

Customer support traditionally has always played a reactive role. Before, it was acceptable to provide support only after customers have started to scream out their issues. Letters led to emails and support telephone lines and things remained the same. It used to be that support teams worked as company "fire-fighters" who plunged in only when there was fire from a complaining customer.

But then, of course, things have now changed. Today, even before customers have a problem, your support team is expected you to be always there. Customers now are more likely to shout out their frustrations on their favorite social networking sites, than wait for your replies on the old school support channels. This means we need to rethink our customer support strategy – to become available even in social networking sites.

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Go social w/ your customers

Be proactive. Sometimes customers act like small children, throwing fits in public so they can get due attention. Other times, they're like the Incredible Hulk, furiously smashing through on social media your products, services, reputation and pride. In either case, Desky support software gets you an earshot and eagle's eye view on social media, so you can give a fairy tale ending to every post or message on your Facebook page, or to every tweet from a fuming customer.

Traditional Email Support

Of course, some customers still want to speak with you via email whenever they have a problem. It is critical to keep them satisfied and coming back to for your customer service. Desky Email Support Software allows you to ticket every customer support conversation, whether an email, or a complaint via web, and resolve it before soon as possible. Not only that, you can even take a step further and categorize the ticket, prioritize it, and assign it to the right support rep in your team.

Real-time chat, at click of a button

Most customers don't want to spend lots of time reading through long documentation, and don't want to wait hours to get a reply from you. How about providing them quick answers and instant solutions even as they're browsing through your web page or support portal? With Desky-chat, Desky's Service Desk Software, you can engage your customers in real-time and handle their problems right then and there. Bonus points for giving instant answers, not to mention, good karma as well for being there.

Your own call center hub,

If you're running a support software to handle everything, you also probably want to bring in your customers' phone calls from the same place and keep tab on everything. Our integrated voice phone system, Desky-phone, lets you take calls, assign, and track every phone call that comes to your support. Simply purchase a number and set up will be easy in no time. You also get to use it across all your Desky support ticket system plans  for free!

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