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Desky makes it trouble-free to delight customers no matter where you may be in your customer support process.

Support Process from Confusion to Full-control

Tired of fighting support issues like fire every day? Desky keeps you from blindly running behind issues and helps you get your customer support issues under control.

  • NOT spam!

    Customer emails can have the uncanny tendency to get lost and plummet your customer support service into a chaotic downwards spiral. Desky lets you stay on top of your inbox, drive insights, collaborate with your team, all day long.

  • Smart Automations

    Powerful automations so you no longer have to! Assuring that each one of your support queries is prioritized, categorized right, and assigned to the right persona in your team can be a task. Desky lets you automate everything right from dispatching to closing tickets.

  • Ticket System Management

    Manage your customer support with Desky so easily you already know it. Be it categorizing tickets or passing it on to the right support rep, everything takes just one click. You can accept, assign, and resolve tickets the whole day yet still stay pepped!

  • Ticket Fields Customization

    Of course, you have different customer support. Desky  telecom customer support software have deep customization capabilities let you give support experience tailored to each customer in just seconds, with workflows and ticket fields that make sense to you.

  • Social Customer Support

    With customers speaking with you through phone and email, and sharing opinions about you to the world via social media, your support team needs doubling up and being pro-active everywhere. Desky lets you support your customers through email, phone, your website, and even via Facebook and Twitter.

  • Suggestion Knowledge Base

    This is best Small Business Help Desk option especially when your support agent is just starting out, learning the details of your business can be difficult. Desky automatically suggests the best answers to a ticket from your knowledge base, so that your agents can start busting tickets right from hour one!

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Get Proactive. Go beyond It Help Desk Software.

Customers are already talking about you to the world, on social media. Desky lets you go proactive and impress customers, even before they come to you.

Integrated Community Forums

Your customers make up your brand. Desky lets you offer your users a platform where they can ask questions, help others with their answers, share some ideas, and directly engage with you. This way, you get to brand build a community of enthusiastic users, right on your own roof! Visit Best Help Desk Software And Idea Voting.

Built-in Time Tracking

Track the time you spend on each ticket

Tracking the time spent on a ticket lets you identify support blockages as they crop up. Plus with time-spent reporting and billable versus non-billable time sheets, it becomes super easy to invoice clients.

Scale Big

Real growth halts when customer experience starts to look like it was machine recycled.
Desky lets you maintain a great personal customer support service level even as you scale up.

Self-Service Portal

When you empower customers to create tickets and check statuses themselves through your Customer Service Software, you're not just reducing your support's load. You also let your customers help themselves to your knowledgebase, lead them to engage with your community, and admire your over and over again.

Multiple Products Support

Offering excellent Ticket Software across a single product is tough enough. Maintaining that "wow" factor across multiple products can become instant nightmare. Desky lets you offer multiple mailbox support, and even gives your customers a unique support portal for each product you support, all from just one Enterprise Help Desk !

Global Customer Support

Sometimes, you need to support Indian Princesses; other times you need to help Russian Czars. With Desky, you can scale up your support system across different time zones and languages even from the very start. After all, you ought to know when it is noontime in Tokyo so you can say Konnichiwa! Visit oursupport ticket system.

Proactive Agent

Service Desk Software

Sometimes multiple agents end up sending responses to the same ticket and not that it's meant, but the collision seems bad to customers. With Desky's agent-collision detection, your agents know who else is looking at a ticket, typing out, working on or updating the ticket in real-time.

Align support with your Business

You cannot fight what you do not know.
Desky helps you identify, stream line, and power intelligence from your support.

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  • Advanced Reporting

    It’s quite easy to get blindsided by daily issues and resolutions and forget about your bigger support goals. With Fresh Insights, you get not just mere reports. You get a complete overview of all things support, and drill deep down to help you get to the main cause.

  • Customer Satisfaction Survey

    In the end, there’s only 1 metric that defines your support truly – Support Software– your helpdesk Sang real. With Desky, you can get customer feedback on your support for each ticket, and even choose the perfect time to ask for them.

  • Multiple SLA Policies

    A promise you owe customers is exceptional support experience. With Desky, you can set up SLAs that ties in what you promise with what you deliver. You can even create a different SLA policies for tickets based on their customers, source, groups, and others.

  • Complete Portal Customization

    Of course, you want your support portal to reflect you. Desky customer support software lets you rebrand all aspects of your support, and customize it with your themes, styles and logo. With ready-to-go Desky-Themes, you can even design unique personality themes even without coding a single line of CSS.

  • Helpdesk Gamification

    At times supporting customers all day long can be a tad frustrating. With Desky’s integrated game mechanics, every support ticket transforms into an opportunity to score points, to compete and keep up with the things that mean the most to your business and satisfaction.

  • Your Customers

    With Desky hospital help desk software is proactive. Sometimes customers act like small children, throwing fits in public so they can get due attention. Other times, they’re like the Incredible Hulk, furiously smashing through on social media your products, services, reputation and pride.