Desky-CHAT is Desky's live-chat solution that lets you transform - Service Desk Software

Start engaging with customers in real-time

No matter how hard you try to make email support personal, can only go so far as trying to show customers by support software that you care about them. Add the fact that if you fail to pay enough attention, forgetting to reply to an email even just once could mean that losing out on what could be the biggest deal of your life. Desky's integrated live-chat solution, the Desky-CHAT, helps you make customers happy and provide them exactly what they need in real-time. That's a whole lot of good karma and of course dollars from that point on.

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Support conversations in a single place

Just done chatting with a customer about any topic like marketing or Real Estate. Convert its transcripts into a ticket or simply add it to an existing one. With Desky service desk software, you don't get the hassle of having your live chat tool play nicely with your customer support software. All your conversations, all your support threads, whether through email or over chat, all comes to the same place. This way, your support conversations never get lost, ignored, or messed up, and you always get to be on top of your request pile.

Be available

Desky-CHAT Internal Help Desk Software is like calling the Swat Kats for your customers, seriously. When there's a problem, they just visit your website and click a button and that's it. Within a matter of seconds, a support rep becomes available on the chat, all geared up and ready to help. Support made markedly easier as no customer has to wait for more than a few minutes to get an answer.

Proactively engage users

Desky-CHAT also lets you proactively send a message to your website visitors, which means more than just being there to support your users. You can even find out which page they're on and kick start a conversation by popping the right question. If a customer is stuck somewhere, you can initiate and make things easier for them. It is all about being readily there for your customers even before they realize that they need your help. For more feature information check out desky  Zendesk Alternative Feature .

Stay updated

Aside from helping you engage with your customers, you can also Desky-CHAT for internal communication within your support team for some quick discussions. The next time you find yourself stuck at a tricky ticket no longer should you have to run around your office and instead just look for the right guy to help you out on Desky service desk software.

Also, if you have a remote team situated across the globe, then that's an obvious giveaway why Desky It Help Desk Software is awesome.

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