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  • Go Social

    Get customer notifications from two of the most popular social networking sites – Facebook and Twitter – onto your helpdesk.

  • Be The Best

    Impress users with your quick services as their feedback and queries come straight to your helpdesk.

  • Real-time Visitor Tracking

    Convert visitors into customers by tracking them real-time on your web pages.

  • Chat Transfer

    Promote collaboration. Transfer the chat to another agent who can solve the issue in the same session.

  • Chat Transcripts

    Share chat transcripts with your customers to review your previous conversations.

  • 24 x 7 Agent

    An Agent can now attend to customer queries on his Mobile anytime, anywhere.

  • Self Service

    Desky tools make it easy for agents to quickly generate content; letting them focus their time on tricky support issues.

  • Live Chat

    Integrated directly into Desky your agents can manage multiple chats and tickets at once from the same interface.

  • Integrate & SSO

    Integrate Desky with your other applications, authenticate against your existing database or LDAP. Unlimited flexibility.

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Customer Engagement From Your App

Your users continue to enjoy seamless experience – In-app notifications reach the user’s device and yet do not interrupt. Users can continue to pick and drop the conversation as per need.

  • Knowledgebase

    Desky supports boundless profundity of knowledgebase categories, especially helpful for extensive databases.

  • Search

    A feature you can empower consequently scans the helpdesk for matching content when a client presents a ticket.

Tickets & Email

Desky excels at helping you manage email effectively. Use filters, custom fields, macros, quick replies, labels, triggers and notes to provide quick and excellent customer service.

  • Editor

    Desky has WYSIWYG visual editor to mainly make crafting knowledgebase articles easy for everybody.

  • Grouping

    The first section in Desky empowers agents to quickly see tickets that require their attention.

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A Hub For All Customer Support Channels

With Multi-channel support your agents can easily and effectively handle all the customer queries coming in through various channels.
Make your agents work a lot more proficient and time saving and in turn get higher customer satisfaction levels.

  • Labels

    Ticket labels enable agents to self sort tickets into named groups. Labels are a straightforward categorization tool.

  • Teams

    Excellent customer service is a team game. From internal agent instant messaging to agent teams and ticket notes.

Customize Your In-app Support

Customizing the colors of your in-app chat and helpdesk will make it look like a part of your brand.

  • Export

    Operators can see a list of tickets in a vast window. This is valuable when they have to see a long list of properties for tickets.

  • Reply

    Your agents could answer to email warnings they get, those answers will be added to the ticket and sent to the client.

  • Cloud

    At Desky we believe in choice. You can run Desky in our cloud or your IT infrastructure. It’s your data; we will never lock you in.

  • CRM

    The best support requires an integrated view of your customer. View all your customer’s interactions in one place and organize users into groups.

  • Glossary

    Glossary permits agents to characterize terms your clients may not see in one place; all your self service content would be then have the first event of this content connected to the glossary definition.

  • Downloads

    Downloads system is intended for organizations with various number of files they need to make accessible to their clients. Like knowledgebase articles, documents can be sorted and your clients could comment on the published files.

  • Support

    We live what we preach and aim to give you the best customer support imaginable. Our team loves what they do and are waiting to help you out.

  • Multi Lingual

    From translatable interfaces, rules based on language and tools to help manage translated content, Desky makes multi-lingual support simple.

  • Text Snippets

    The truth of a great deal of helpdesks is that the same inquiry can be asked consistently. In spite of the fact that a knowledgebase with loads of substance can help keep this; the following line of safeguard is the Text Snippets system.

  • Customizable Views

    Tickets in Desky can have basically a boundless number of properties. With Desky you control which properties are indicating in ticket lists. Maybe the most vital thing to your operators is how long ticket has been open.


Learning what your customers want can increase sales and customer satisfaction. Our suggestions tool makes it easy to keep track of this vital information.

  • Content

    You can utilize permissions to oblige operator’s content creators to present their content for acceptance to agents with significant authorizations before production.

  • Attachments

    Tickets completely support attachments, yet Desky makes it much simpler. You can just move and customize attachments from your file system into Desky.


From just setting your logo to full CSS/template control; you have unlimited flexibility in how you integrate Desky into your site.

  • Comments

    You can empower client comments on your knowledgebase, news and documents. You can oblige Comments to be approved before distributed.

  • History

    You can undoubtedly view changes made to content, and in case you commit an error ‘move back’ to the past revision of the content.

Here's What You'll Get In This Awesome Online Training

  • Ticket Form

    Tickets can be made via email, yet they could make by a client filling out a web form.

  • Operators Ticket Notes

    Operators can include notes inside of tickets that are not shown to user. This is  valuable.

  • Ticket Triggers

    30 criteria to utilize, including the email, the client/user group making the ticket or the custom field information

  • Ticket Macros

    You may wish to answer to a ticket, build the urgency it to another agent all in one stage; with ticket Macros this turns into a single command.

  • Mass Actions

    Additionally changing the properties of tickets, agents could answer to identical tickets without a moment’s delay, extremely helpful

  • Ticket Merge

    Agents could combine or merge different multiple tickets into one, holding all ticket messages and other ticket property information.

  • Ticket Flags

    Ticket flags are a path for specialists to make managed list of tickets for their own particular ticket management.

  • Ticket Filters

    Ticket filters could be considered as “saved ticket searches”. As they are a list of ticket criteria that mainly make it simple.

  • Operators Create Ticket

    This is regularly utilized when a ticket needs to be made as a result of a telephone call or some other helpdesk connection.

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